Excellent Mosler GSA Class 6 Two Drawer File Cabinet Safe w/ X-07 Digital Lock


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Mosler GSA Approved Class 6 File Cabinet / Safe with Kaba Mas Digital X-07


  • 262 pounds of drill and torch resistant thick plated steel
  • Top Secret Filling Cabinet Compliant
  • 2 Drawers
  • Legal Document Sized
  • Original Wheeled Caster Base included on first cabinet; Please inquire for availability
  • Drawer Dimensions – 10 ¼” H x 15 ¼” W x 24” D


Features of the X-07:
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Hardened (EMP) – Meets FF-L-2740A specification for simulation of high altitude nuclear blast.
  • The X-07 offers a true million combinations.
  • Approved by GSA, DOD, and Military for Top Secret Storage.
  • Self Powered – No batteries.
  • The X-07 does not have drill points. Bolt retraction is controlled by the logic programmed into the lock’s computer, not by mechanical means.
  • There are no wheels in the X-07,  They cannot be X-rayed, listened to, or viewed to work out the numbers in the combination.
  • Two-person integrity (TPI) the X-07 can be set to require two combinations to be entered successfully in order to retract the bolt ( purely optional, of course.)
  • The number of incorrect entries since the last successful opening can be tracked.
  • The
    combination is a logical function instead of a mechanical one
    eliminating the need for tight tolerances in constructing the wheels and
    the fence.
  • The X-07 can (and will) lock you out for a period of time after a certain number of consecutive incorrect entries.
  • Programmable
    logic can cause the lock to reset if the dial is spun for too long, if
    it’s spun too fast, or if it’s spun too slowly.
  • The X-07 can
    be set to reset after a certain period of time, eliminating the
    possibility of someone dialing in the first two numbers of the
    combination to reduce hassle the next time.


  • Excellent: 4.8/5. No light or significant damage
  • No gouges, corrosion, rust, or dents.
  • Very Nice finish with a clean interior
  • Drawers roll smoothly
  • X-07 Digital Lock works flawlessly
  • Opening and closing is fairly silent
  • Moving parts have been lubricated and Lock has been thoroughly tested

Shipping and Warranty:

  • Freight Shipping to Commercial addresses or Local Terminal Pickup ONLY
  • Liftgate service can be requested
  • 30 Day Warranty ( includes lock support.  Parts only, no labor)
  • Combined Shipping on multiple Safe orders ( Please see our other Hamilton and Mosler listings.) 
  • Not guaranteed to pass GSA certification. 

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Weight 300.00 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 42 × 65 in
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